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Aylin discovered her artistic side in late 90s when she started working as a florist..

For over 10 years she worked in her

own flower-shop as one of the 

most creative flower artists in Ankara. 

Aylin was into amateur photography since she got her first camera in 1987. In 1990, she attended courses in Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts. She got her first professional camera

in 2005. Although she was interested in photography for a long time, it was the basic photography and dark room trainings that she attended in AFSAD (Ankara Photograph Artists Association) which made her fall in love with the art. Although she took many pictures and shared with her friends along the way, she didn't have the idea of publicly displaying her work until what we can call "the mobile revolution". She got her first iPhone in 2011, and she found her true calling in one mobile device, which most people use only for calling each other and texting.

Until that time she didn't do any editing on the photos she took. With the ever expanding world of iPhone apps,

she realized she can edit the photos

to turn them into exceptional pieces of art. She uses various apps on iPhone

to edit the pictures she takes with the very same phone. Her works can be categorized as painterly photography with an emphasis on auto-biography. Her artworks have already been displayed at photo-blogs and have been elected for display at various competitions organized by iPhone art groups.

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